Does Your Company Accept Cryptocurrency Payments?

Does Your Company Accept Cryptocurrency Payments? - Smart Digital Payments llc

Does your business accept Crypto payments?

With technology moving at such a rapid pace and fears rising from viruses, fraud and uncertainty it is obvious that we can not continue in the same direction we have been heading as a species. Luckily their are solutions.

One huge solution to many of today’s issues can be solved by implementing the use of Block-chain, digital assets/ cryptocurrencies.

Digital assets and cryptocurrencies are changing the way we do many things including shop and send money. image of using a qr code to purchase an item with using block-chain technology on an android device in a retail store

The fact that technology is where it is, yet the fastest way to send money across country is taking a plane and dropping it off in person, is quite concerning.

If we can send a text message in real time, why shouldn’t we be able to send money the same way?

Well thanks to cryptocurrencies we can.

You see the technology played out in apps such as Venmo or Paypal  these apps are more geared to online shoppers or peer to peer transactions.


At we offer multiple point of sale (POS) devices to fit the need of a variety of merchants and business owners by empowering them to accept a vast array of different currencies, which options are growing at a parabolic rate. visit our website to see some of our products and terminals including some devices that are coming soon.